Humankind is ready to return to the Moon and eventually go on to Mars. All we need is a new generation of space leaders, entrepreneurs, and explorers willing to take the leap. Enter the Aldrin Family Foundation.

From a child’s first classroom experience all the way through college, and even as young professionals enter the workforce, we offer STEAM-based educational tools, curriculum, and programs that excite and prepare the next generation to take on space. We create the game-changers of tomorrow – dedicated to making breakthrough discoveries and improving life on Earth.


ShareSpace Education, the K-12 arm of the Aldrin Family Foundation, uses its innovative and interactive Giant Mars and Moon Maps™ to cultivate a love for STEAM at an early age. When using these maps kids get to sit, stand, walk, play, and learn together on the Red Planet and the Moon! Targeted at ages 10-14 years, students perform fun projects like building personally designed space ships and habitats, and learning the names of craters and land masses.


Rockets & Rovers is a two-week day camp targeted toward 6th through 8th graders in your community. Over the course of six hours each day, students take steps toward building and operating their own rockets and robots.

S-Cubed brings CubeSats into the classroom!

For most people, space has traditionally been about observation – watching impacts and successes of others from afar. But, through AFF’s S-Cubed Program, we’re putting students into the driver’s seat and injecting space directly into the high school classroom. The S-Cubed Program content ties in with multiple areas of study that can be used across a wide range of classes, all while perfectly aligning to state and national standards.

Aldrin Art Space is a new initiative created to celebrate the “A” in STEAM. These unique art pieces provide valuable funding for the Foundation’s educational programs.


Dive into this interactive project for students and families.  Our team will guide you through the process of how to build your own Family Lunar Outpost!  Join us for this unique adventure as we launch imagination to the Moon! 

Aspiring Astronauts
Get Ready for Launch!

Sign up now for our free online space program in partnership with the Public Consulting Group! We Came in Peace: The Apollo Visitor Complex Project, is a team activity that invites families to imagine a time when people travel to the moon for vacation, visiting lunar landing sites from NASA’s Apollo missions. 

Aldrin Family Foundation Happenings on Earth

Aldrin Family Foundation and the University of Sunderland to distribute 20 Giant Moon Maps™ to primary schools in northeast England

SUNDERLAND, England – The Aldrin Family Foundation (AFF) announced a collaboration between the University of Sunderland and its project funders, Sunderland City Council’s children’s services partner Together for Children and the Reece Foundation, to distribute 20 Giant Moon Maps™ to primary schools across the Tyne and Wear region of northeast England. The large, floor-sized maps will expose around 3,600 UK students to the power of space education and help cultivate critical skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).

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Adams 14 Unveils Giant Mars Maps at State-of-the-Art Elementary School in Partnership with Aldrin Family Foundation

DENVER – Adams County School District 14 (Adams 14) has partnered with the Aldrin Family Foundation (AFF) to bring the excitement of space education to students through the integration of Giant Mars Maps™ as a part of the STEAM Learning Program at the new Alsup Elementary. 

Adams 14 officially opened the doors to the new Alsup Elementary building on July 19, 2021, inviting the community to explore the state-of-the-art school that was made possible with grant funding from the Colorado Department of Education’s Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grant program. 

On Monday, Aug. 16, Alsup Elementary School hosted an interactive event to kick off its STEAM Learning Program, which included the unveiling of the Aldrin Family Foundation’s ​​Giant Mars Map, where students are able to learn valuable lessons while walking across the planet, exploring its features and topography, and being inspired by human attempts to explore it. Alsup STEAM student ambassadors launched model rockets in front of the school. 

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