With the fascinating backdrop of space…
Could summer camp get any cooler?

AND… We tie in math, science, graphing, statistics, and data –
all the “big ideas” that are critical for today’s generation!

Rockets & Rovers is a two-week day camp targeted toward 6th through 8th graders in your community. Over the course of six hours each day, students take steps toward building and operating their own rockets and robots.

Each day is themed, and throughout the fun and engaging process, students sharpen their practical knowledge of math and science, while building critical communication and collaboration skills.


(2 hours per day)

Students construct and launch a water rocket on the first day of camp, as well as learn safe launch procedure practices. With each day of camp thereafter, they manipulate one aspect of their rocket to study the effects on rocket performance. For example: how does air pressure change altitude? Does the center of gravity of a rocket impact rocket performance? How could the parachute be designed differently to keep the rocket airborne for longer? With each study, students develop a mission test, assign roles, collect and analyze data, and perform a debriefing.

Rovers & Robots
(1 hour per day)

Students work in groups of three and spend the first two days of camp building a MyBot. From there, each team conducts a variety of performance tests to create an operating handbook. For example – how far does a robot travel in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.? How straight does it travel? What power settings do they need to use to turn the robot? All these tests use basic block coding skills.

After a few days of performance testing, student teams take their operation handbooks and set their customized MyBots to complete an exploration mission on AFF’s signature Giant Mars Map™. This enormous 33.5’ x 15’ vinyl map marks each lander and rover landing sites, Mars topographic features, and more. Students must program their MyBots to traverse a pre-determined course on the map. This exploration mission can also be performed against the background of the Moon using AFF’s Giant Moon Map™.

Communication and Leadership
(1 hour per day)

Students finish each day of camp participating in a standard STEM-based lesson that aims to solve a particular problem related to rocketry, robotics, and the Moon. These activities emphasize the development of collaboration skills and the practice of communication skills. These activities culminate each day’s learning.

Grant Repository for Educators

Our partner, the Space Foundation, provides a comprehensive grant repository list that can help you find funding opportunities for programs run by the Aldrin Family Foundation. If you need any clarification or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our grant writer, Dr. Kristina Otero at [email protected].

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