In honor of the Apollo program’s 50th anniversary, the Aldrin Family Foundation expanded on its groundbreaking Giant Mars Map™ program to launch the new Giant Moon Map™. Eight to 12-year-old students get a deep dive on everything they would need to know to live and thrive on the Moon, while honoring both the Apollo missions of the past and
looking forward to the missions of Artemis.

Moon Map PackageS Include: 
  • A large vinyl floor map (33.5’ x 15’; 23.5’ x 10.5’) that marks each of the Apollo landing sites, geologic features, a timeline and more. It can be used on any large surface – from a school classroom or gymnasium to a museum lobby.
  • Educational activities developed by ShareSpace Education and Wingate University based upon Next Generation Science Standards and/ or North Carolina Essential Standards.
  • 40” Inflatable Lunar Globe
  • 15 copies of Welcome to the Moon 
  • Access to in-person and online program training for teachers



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