In honor of the Apollo program’s 50th anniversary, the Aldrin Family Foundation expanded on its groundbreaking Giant Mars Map™ program to launch the new Giant Moon Map™. Students get a deep dive on everything they would need to know to live and thrive on the Moon, while honoring both the Apollo missions of the past and looking forward to the missions of Artemis.

Moon Map Overview
  • Target age group: 10-14 years

  • Active Learning: Students learn of the Moon and its geology while honoring both the Apollo missions of the past and looking forward to the missions of Artemis


Base Bundle
  • 1 Large vinyl floor map map which displays geologic features, landing sites, a timeline and more. Map available in 2 sizes: 33.5’ x 15’ or 23.5’ x 10.5’
  • Activities promote STEAM learning, primarily linked to Next Generation Science Standards
  • 1 Lunar Pro Globe
  • 1 LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set
  • 15 book copies of Welcome to Moon
  • Customized lesson plans from JASON Learning
  • Two-hour virtual training session
Additional Robots & Training (Optional)
  • Everything in the Base Bundle, plus customizable LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set(s) to meet district needs
  • Additional training can be arranged to meet district needs at the district’s expense


Kerbal Space Program EDU Bundle (OPTIONAL)
  • A gaming personal computer with custom keyboard, flight stick and 3D mouse with six degrees of freedom
  • Five project-based learning activities for students to work in teams to strengthen communication/collaboration skills, understand spacecraft systems design, explore orbital mechanics and design a settlement on the Moon 
  • The Kerbal Player’s Guide – Easiest Way to Launch a Space Program book 

Our partner, the University of Sunderland, created an informational video showcasing our Giant Moon Map™ and how it inspires the next generation of space explorers. Check it out here!


Learn more about acquiring your own map!

Find out how you can purchase a map bundle from one of our team members.

Grant Repository for Educators

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